about me 

Hi! My name is Marcela Vuong. I am of Vietnamese descent living in the Czech Republic, the so-called banana kid. Yellow outside, white inside :)

My parents came to Czechoslovakia in the 80s during the communist era. Both of them worked in industrial plants in Litvínov and I was born in Kadaň. In 1988 we moved back to Vietnam and I grew up there until I was 6 years old.


I have been loving food since my childhood and I enjoy street food a lot! I have tasted the food from all the street stalls where you get the freshest and tastiest meals for less than a dollar. My favourite stop on the snack rally was the snail stand.

So how did it all began? 

My cooking classes started five years ago when I first organized them for my friends at my place.

I taught them how to make Vietnamese Pho and Spring Rolls and we took some pictures of it, posted them on Facebook and quicker than I thought, people started to engage, commenting and asking me to teach them how to do the same. The courses also resulted in tours in the Sapa Market. The largest Vietnamese market in the Czech Republic.

What do I like most about it?

I am passionate about food and I am glad I can bring you closer to our traditions, culture and gastronomy.

Come and say hi!


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