vietnamese cooking classes

vietnamese cuisine 

Vietnamese cuisine is very diverse and one of the healthiest. What makes it so special? It is fish sauce and fresh herbs! Most often you will smell coriander, mint and lemon grass.

Vietnamese cuisine is based on a balance of five flavors that are based on the philosophy of the five elements. Each meal reflects this principle and creates a perfect harmony of sweet, salty, sour, hot and bitter taste.

Vietnam has a diverse landscape, so the cuisine varies by region and city. In the north, the climate is colder, so meals are less spicy. Vietnamese community living in the Czech Republic is mostly from the north, so you know this kitchen very well.

South Vietnam is influenced by the cuisine of French colonists, Thailand and Malaysia. Palm sugar, coconut milk, chilli, turmeric and curry are also used more in the south.

Food is an important part of Vietnamese culture and is an opportunity for Vietnamese to spend time with family and friends.

vietnamese cooking classes 

Do you enjoy Vietnamese cuisine? Come and learn it in my cooking classes, which I organize in Město Moře in Holešovice.

If you prefer privacy and you like cooking in your kitchen, I will come to your home! Just arrange with friends, come up with a menu and I'll bring everything you need to your place (min. 4 people).

what is included? 
  • 3 course menu

  • Vietnamese coffee

  • exotic fruits 

  • wine /beer

  • duration 3,5 - 4 hours 

  • price 2500 czk

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