Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest thanks to fresh ingredients. It is gluten and lactose free so it is very light.

It focuses on five-elements philosophy that reflects five basic flavours: spicy (iron), bitter (fire), salty (water), sour (wood) and sweet (earth). Each Vietnamese meal reflects one or more of these elements and creates a perfect mix in your mouth.

Would you like to learn this cuisine? I will teach you and I will give you practical advice, tips.

I am organizing Vietnamese cooking classes in a beautiful studio Město moře in Holešovice.

You will learn 3 main course menu, prepare Vietnamese coffee and taste exotic fruits.

If you prefer a home environment, I'll bring my cooking class to  the comfort of your home.

The concept is simple, make arrangements with friends, we create a menu and I will come with everything to your place.

Would you like to know Little Vietnam in Prague? Take a Sapa tour with me. Together we  will taste Vietnamese street food, buy herbs and exotic ingredients. You will learn a lot of interesting information about gastronomy, traditions and culture.

Are you planning a private event or a teambuilding? Email me and we will come up with a customised event.

see you soon!
vuong cooking class in the media